Café de la paix 2017

These coffee cups are designed to contain stories, which become visible as you drink your coffee.

I wanted to create a café, where heavy topics can
be talked over a cup of coffee. Heavy and formal topics are discussed mostly in of special meetings. However, if people are comfortable and more at ease, it may help them to approach heavy topics in a more relaxed way. This leaves room for people to think and discuss upon themselves, which is as valuable as results of formal and structured conversation.

This series of cups contains information and questions about nuclear weapons to spark people’s conversation. The project was a collaboration with Den Haag with the theme of ‘peace and justice’. Since the project was inspired from the cases of the International court of justice, I chose a nuclear weapon as a topic for the graduation project.

There are cups for espresso, cappuccino, and café latte. There are 3 sets of 14 cups and each sets presents different types of conversation starters.


Espresso 70ml Cappuccino 175ml Cafe latte 275ml