Inflatable Heart 2014

‘Inflatable heart’ is an emotional gift that can be sent to show the sender’s happiness or joyful moments. Inflated heart is a Korean term to explain full-hearted moments. Koreans express their happiness and hopeful moments by saying “my heart is inflated.” This expression exists because when you are very happy it seems like the heart is filled fully with emotions and inflated with feelings.

Our happiness comes from any kinds of personal moments such as a sunny day. If you fall in love with somebody, your heart gets inflated. When you are about to start something new or ready for a new life, your heart gets inflated.

project sketch

How to use the inflatable heart

01. The receiver opens the bag and gets the ‘inflatable heart’ out.

02. The receiver blows the ‘inflatable heart’.  The action of inflating the ‘heart’ is action of empathy towards the sender.

03. Once the ‘heart’ is inflated it represents the sender’s joyful moment.