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Layers of Mind: Cabinet 01 2016

Layers of mind’ is a series of conceptual furnitures. It is an experiential metaphor of how our mind operates when it comes to showing and hiding through experiencing the relation between cabinet, object and myself.

By adding or opening up the layers, we can conceal or reveal objects -safely tucked away or proudly put on display. I designed a series of cabinets that play with the concept of hide and seek. Depending on how much of your inner self you want to show, you can slide open the silk-covered doors or increase opacity.

Layer panels and drawers move around changing the structure of the cabinets. Some hidden systems allow you to create secretive spaces. Here, hiding becomes a way of showing. Every surface of the cabinets has a ㅁ different transparency allowing you to observe what is inside in them from all perspective. Light - daylight, during night, and artificial light - is also a delightful tool that changes the whole atmosphere of the cabinet.


70 x 48 x 140 cm

Walnut, Oksa (Korean silk)