Layers of Mind: STORY 2016

Sometimes we become secretive (hiding) and sometimes revealing (showing) in front of others.
We behave differently according to our state of mind. We try to keep some distance from others to avoid the embarrassing moment of getting judged by others. By hiding, we avoid our weaknesses also. However, we also desire to seek others’ attention and, therefore, present ourselves to them.

Therefore, I suggest that we are composed of many different layers. These layers of our minds decide whether we act in a revealing or secretive way. That is why act of hiding and showing is complicated. These layers in our minds are used to decide how much we want to hide or show about ourselves. By overlapping layers, we can hide our minds and by opening layers, we can reveal more about ourselves to others.

The structure of the layers hardly ever stay the same because we decide which aspects to hide or show depending on the situations, our moods or the person we interact with.

This story of hiding and showing can be also observed when we are treating an object. To visualize this act of hiding and showing, I have created this cabinet with each layer, representing the layers of mind. By doing so, I wanted to tell how we hide and show our minds are not so different from our attitude towards displaying objects in a cabinet.

‘Layers of mind’ is an experiential metaphor of how our mind operates when it comes to showing and hiding through experiencing the relation between cabinet, object and myself.

An archive of ‘how do we show and hide’